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It’s time for men to man the kitchen

A recent survey revealed that 90% of women still do most of the cooking. So 100% NZ Pork has taken it upon themselves to develop a cooking site just for blokes. So if you’re a bloke man up and try our bloke friendly recipes below.

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How easy do you want it?

Like burping after a beer (super-easy)

Like backing a 38 foot trailer (still pretty easy)

Like remembering your missus birthday (challenging)

Your Big Pork Balls

Grill & BBQ


Serves 4

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Winner Winner Pork Dinner

Take a photo of your masterpiece, whack it on our facebook page and you could very well be NZPork’s Man of the Month.

And then all kinds of wonderful things will happen to you.

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Dob in a Dad

If you know a Dad who hasn’t strutted his stuff in the kitchen lately, name and shame him this month. It might be your only hope

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